Every Form of the City Woman with OCRISTORE

Ayşe Karakuzu and Melis Doru, the founders of Ocrisstore, made a rapid entry into the sector as soon as they graduated from Marmara University Textile Department.

Ocrisstore, an e-commerce brand, launched its first collection in June 2019. Targeting the working business woman, black and neon colors were included in the Star and City collections.

Functionality stood out in the bag models that women who are aware of themselves and their power can use in their daily and night life.

Functionality is at the forefront in small models as well as models designed to accommodate computers, tablets and files, suitable for office life.

In addition, knitwear hangers adorn the signature bags.

Ocrisstore’un gelecek planlarında sürdürülebilir tekstil ürünleri üzerine çalışmak var. Bu doğrultuda ürünlerinde hayvan haklarını gözeterek hakiki deri kullanımını reddediyor ve fire üretimini en aza indirgeyecek modeller çıkarıyor. 

To browse Ocrisstore’s designs: www.ocrisstore.com


With Love,

Ayşe Karakuzu

Melis Doru